Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Designing your unique, ideal smile and making you try it before you say yes to it – that is the idea behind DSD. The Digital Smile Design Protocol is the most accurate procedure for planning the ideal size, shape and position of your unique set of teeth. The Digital Smile Design Protocol begins with a photographic and video session, which is followed by an analysis of your unique morphological, gestural, functional and emotional features. This analysis results in your ‘optimal’ smile, uniquely tailored according to the morphological and expressional features of your face. Finally, the concept allows us to plan and try your ‘new smile’, i.e. visualize and experience your new teeth before we actually do them. This is called mock up and is – alongside with dental implants – by far one of the greatest innovations of modern dentistry.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a treatment for planning the optimal position, size and shape of the teeth, which uses the best of modern IT technology and all the benefits of visual communication to achieve exceptional aesthetic and functional results. DSD has completely revolutionised the view of contemporary dental medicine, and we pride ourselves of being one of the first dental studios in Croatia to have introduced the protocol in our everyday practice.