Our values

We believe in the parallel values which support and inspire our passion for high quality dentistry: that of constant education and continual improvement of our practice, and that one must always approach life with a smile! Departing from our knowledge, highest guaranteed quality and a friendly and transparent approach to our patients, our mission is restore the natural harmony of the most beautiful features of each person’s face – their happy smile, the most perfect image of total balance within ourselves and with others. We see each patient’s smile as a sign that our attempt to responsibly pay you back for your trust and choice of our studio for your treatment has been a true success.

Comprehensible dentistry

We believe in the highest qualityfair care for all our patients, and transparency: every long lasting relation has its roots in the right: ethicsqualityhonesty. During your first visit to our clinic, doctor Vukanović dedicates all the time and care needed to analyse, define and clearly explain the best / optimal treatment to each patient. Our goal is to make you understand the various treatment possibilities i.e. options, thus enabling you to make the best and to confidently make an informed decision regarding all aspects of your treatment plan. Our experience has taught us that maximum initial clarity translates into a relaxing and enjoyable treatment, with a broad and happy final smile!

Personalized dentistry

Truly good treatment has to be personalized: in a mass-market era, when quantity frequently outplays quality, dr. Dean Vukanović has opted for a radically different orientation: an individualpersonal, long lasting approach to each and every single patient, based on respect of professionalism and human values.

We know your time is valuable: which is why we strive to regularly update our knowledge and equipment to offer you an efficient approach to your dental needs. We do not want you to spend too long at the clinic, when there are memories to be made, opportunities not to be missed and smiles to be shared, just around the corner!)