Periodontology is the field of dentistry that studies the hard and soft tissues that supports the teeth, maintaining in this way also their stable position in the jaw. However, this tissue can become inflamed, leading to a condition called periodontitis. Periodontitis is triggered by so-called periodontal bacteria – bacteria which are normally present in the mouth but, when they increase in number, they become harmful and cause local inflammation. The key question then is: what brings about the increase in number of periodontal bacteria? The question is simple: PLAQUE (layer of bacteria and food debris, frequently accumulated in hard-to-reach regions that we cannot brush properly while we brush our teeth).

Periodontitis is one of the most common diseases in today’s world. If left untreated, mild periodontitis will develop into chronic inflammation which, in turn, can cause destruction of jaw bone and loss of teeth. If we want to prevent this from happening, we need to treat the disease in the early stages, if possible.

In our studio, we use a number of professional techniques to treat periodontitis, including the FOTO SAN treatment. A key condition for successful periodontal treatment is the patients’ full cooperation when it comes to being very serious and responsible with regards to daily oral hygiene and regular follow-up and maintenance appointments.