Safety and Warranty

In order to protect both our patients and the staff, we at the Dental Studio Vukanović follow all the disinfection, autoclave sterilization and instrument packaging procedures i.e. protocols according to strictest EU safety standards. More specifically, these steps include:

  • Using only first rate, highest quality materials:
  • Continuous professional education of all staff members;
  • Continuous investment in state of the art technologies;
  • Highest levels of sterilization, disinfection and hygienic norms;
  • Using a wide array of disposable materials (plastic cups, straws, surgical gloves, anaesthetic needles, root canal washing needles, cotton pads etc,);
  • Disinfection of dental chairs, working instruments and working surfaces after each patient;
  • Clear and rigid work-flow protocols.

Quality and Warranty

Furthermore, our quality and warranty advantages include:

  • Depending on the type of work, our warranty ranges from 10 years to lifetime warranty for Nobel Biocare implants;
  • The first dental examination and consultation are free of charge;
  • We offer optimal value for money and apply fair and transparent prices;
  • We offer logistic assistance to our patients 24/7. From the very first moment you contact us, you will be assigned a Patient Personal Assistant whose task is to help every aspect of your journey and stay in Rijeka.